Other Services
Pet Health Insurance Provide complete animal health and welfare assistance to your client, who prefers access to a network of Pet providers, dogs and cats, at agreed prices, with no grace periods, no deductibles and without use limitations. An easy-to-use solution and several advantages that guarantees the health and protection of the insured person's pet.
Bicycles RNA offers full support in assisting the insured person or his bicycle in the event of a breakdown or accident. At any time, wherever you are, RNA will be there to help!
Tyre assistance RNA offers innovative assistance services in the event of a flat tyre or tyre burst, from the transport of the car and the insurance people to the replacement of the tyre when necessary. 
Home Assistance RNA offers quick and effective answers to all your needs to protect your home, your business or your condominium. Exclusive assistance, including legal assistance, can be used at any time.  

Sending professionals to contain and control damage that has occurred from:
  • Repair, refurbishment and improvement works;
  • Transport of furniture and other removals;
  • Repairs of household appliances, electrical and gas installations;
  • Sending of nursing and housekeeper professionals;
  • Charges with children;
  • Domestic cleaning services;
  • Urgent unblocking or repair of broken plumbing;
  • Assembly or opening of doors, blinds, shutters and frames;
  • Replacement of keys and locks.
TRANSPORT OF INJURED PEOPLE We provide your insured person with a transport management service, in the event of accidents at work, personal accidents, civil liability and car  accidents, adapted to the client's needs, personalised and with full national coverage. Wherever you are, we will be there!
Mobile equipment We carry out, through a senior team of managers and with access to an innovative management system, the settlement of damage and theft claims on mobile equipment and electronic equipment.
Claims Management We settle claims in the areas of life, civil liability, personal and work accidents, with total professionalism and rigour, providing access to the insurance people's network of RNA Medical.
  • Receipt of the claim participation;
  • Customer support line;
  • Management and medical follow-up of the insurance people; 
  • Transportation by ambulance / taxi; 
  • Evolution of the clinical status of the injured parties; 
  • Reception and conference of medical reports.
Clinical examination management We provide all the advice needed to schedule clinical examinations or analyses in case of personal and life accidents. RNA provides support from the contact with the client and scheduling of appointments to the analysis of results. We have a medical and nursing team 24 hours a day 365 days a year to support your client.
Life Insurance Management Support We want to walk beside you to ensure the tranquility of the best service to your customer. We carry out the complete management of the whole subscription process according to your needs:
  • Reception of proposal;
  • According to the risk pattern we will identify the risk level of each proposal;
  • We have a specialized management and nursing team to carry out the tele-interview of the bidder;
  • Medical analysis service for the proposal;
  • Issue of the policy or communication of refusal to the client.