Roadside Assistance When we hit the road, the last thing we want is to fall by the wayside. But as unforeseen events happen, RNA is prepared to protect people and their property by helping them effectively when they need it most. A dynamic and innovative vehicle assistance service, with geolocation technology that provides a fast and efficient service to your customer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at your disposal wherever you are. 

Several assistance solutions, from standard services to customized options, including legal protection. We have the knowledge and experience in the roadside assistance segment that your customers need:
  • Light vehicle assistance;
  • Commercial vehicle assistance,
  • Assistance to motorbikes and mopeds;
  • Fleet assistance; 
  • Replacement vehicles, including hybrid and electric vehicle options; 
  • Customised solutions for car manufacturers;
  • CRM (Customer relationship management) solutions.

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