Medical Network With its own and personalised Medical Network, comprising more than 32,000 service providers in Portugal and Spain, RNA offers the best medical assistance solutions to the insurance and corporate markets. Through an agile, efficient and permanent call centre, 24 hours a day, we are always available when your client most needs support. We have a structure with advanced technology and a professional medical and nursing team, which is prepared to offer all the support to our beneficiaries' needs.

The Medical Network of RNA is composed by
  • + of 50 medical specialties.
  • + 23,000 health professionals;
  • + 2,750 dental clinics;
  • + 2,700 clinical analysis laboratories (including Pathological Anatomy);
  • About 86 - Hospitals on the Net;
  • + 3,200 centres with imaging services;
  • + of 125 units that provide Emergency Consultations/Permanent Care Services.

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Home Doctor A convenience for your client who needs medical care, but has some difficulty in travelling. With RNA it is possible to request medical services to the hotel or at home whenever it is convenient for the needs of your insured person. We have a medical team made up of professionals with experience in emergency situations, 24 hours a day, ready to provide the best medical care in the most unforeseen cases.
Wellness Network RNA provides access to a wide range of services dedicated to maintaining quality of life and well-being. We offer our customers a vast network:
  • Complementary consultations;
  • Alternative Medicine;
  • Aesthetic treatments;
  • Pre and post birth care;
  • Treatment centres (physiotherapy, rehabilitation clinics, etc).
  • Partnerships with gyms, spa's, spas, hotels, pharmacies and opticians.
Senior Services In their proposals RNA customers can offer access to an Iberian network of assisted living, aimed at older people or people with some degree of dependence. Composed of accredited entities and specialised and qualified professionals, we can ensure reliable, fast and quality assistance to the insured who needs support for themselves or their relatives.
Dental Network RNA offers access to various stomatology services through a network of around 6,000 professionals in Portugal, Spain and Italy.  With personalised service and numerous benefits of the associated copayment table. Caring about one's smile is also very important.
  • Dental aesthetic treatment;
  • Orthodontic services;
  • Implantology;
  • Dental maintenance and care services;
  • Facial medicine;
  • + 780 covered treatments.
ONLINE MEDICAL CONSULTATION Following the path of digital trends, RNA now offers an agile and efficient service to assist video conference consultations. The less complex medical cases can now be solved quickly, through the online service provided by experienced professionals who will make a good assessment of the situation. An excellent option for those who wish to save time and receive quality medical advice.

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