RNA | International Presence

From the outset, Assistance has been one of the activities based on a constant and permanent worldwide presence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whatever the unforeseen circumstances, whatever happens. 

In the world of Assistance concepts such as time and space do not exist or are very different from those considered by the vast majority of economic activities.

On a worldwide scale, assistance structures are in a permanent state of alert and operationality, defining and increasingly marking their importance and relevance in our lives wherever they occur.

RNA, despite being a company with national roots, has distinguished itself at an international level, maintaining a daily contact with the world, supporting not only the Portuguese or Residents in Portugal, but also more and more Foreigners in Portugal or Abroad, which is the result of constant innovation and unlimited self-demand.

As part of an important World Group - IAG - International Assistance Group - in which many of the relevant Assistance players are represented, we closely follow the evolution of Assistance concepts, technology, problems and innovation on all Continents.

That is why we were present at the most recent World Congress that took place in Athens, where 33 countries were represented; our Commercial Director João Pascoal was there representing RNA.

Our commitment to the near future leads us to believe that in 2016 we will be part of the Board which we will consider an excellent award for our almost 6 years of existence.

And in this way, we will continue our mission and mark our presence on a global scale!  

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