Already thinking about summer vacation? Be prepared!

Summer is still far away but many of your customers are already planning their holidays, buying trips, designing routes and dreams. Offer them security and the certainty that they are protected in any eventuality and with a top service with RNA.
Misfortunes happen, but it seems to be more serious when it happens away from home. In order for your customers to discover the world without fear or worry, RNA offers a wide range of service providers, in Portugal or abroad, due to its privileged partnership with the International Assistance Group (IAG), the world's largest group of assistance networks, with global coverage.
So, if you lose your wallet in the Algarve, or your suitcases in the Dominican Republic, we always have someone available to take care of all your requests and provide the necessary help for each situation with a simple phone call.
RNA, as the market leader in travel assistance, provides support in situations as disparate as lost or stolen luggage, assistance in the event of theft of documents, support and guarantee of medical expenses including hospitalization, cancellation or interruption of travel, providing personalized assistance anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
But if your clients like to move by their own means and get on the road in a car, we are also prepared to provide immediate assistance, even in places with limited access and no internet.
In case of breakdown, accident, lack of fuel or a flat tyre that always happens on the less travelled roads, RNA provides car towing and repair services in a short period of time, with a network of service providers well distributed throughout the country, who will arrive on time at the place where they are needed.
The communication process is agile, propelled by RNA's team of operators, easily reachable by the service line.
From the request for assistance to the activation of the supplier, until the end of the process, the RNA team monitors the entire incident until its conclusion, using digital communication with the suppliers through a web platform. For greater security and speed, we also use geolocation reference, bringing help exactly where it is needed, as quickly as possible.
As a Core Partner of IAG - International Assistance Group, both in remote and on-site assistance with towing and transport services, international vehicle repatriation and vehicle repair, among others, RNA ensures a solution wherever you are.
The important thing is to ensure that anywhere and at any time, RNA has someone ready to listen and answer any request for assistance. Make sure your customers have a quiet holiday, so they can travel and explore the world away from home.
We guarantee that wherever you are, we will be there.

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