Local partners, global solutions

Your clients are constantly on the move, within and outside of borders. It shouldn't be a problem if you have a mechanical breakdown on a country road in Italy, a baggage problem in Patagonia, or if you get sick when climbing Everest. Wherever you are, you will have access to the best assistance whenever you need it.
RNA offers its partners the possibility of always being present anywhere in the world through an international assistance network, with a management of processes and resources of enormous quality, with responsible costs.
As an IAG Core Partner, RNA has access to a global assistance network that transcends borders.
IAG - International Assistance Group is a global alliance of about 140 Assistance Companies that was created in 1992, from a joint desire of five European companies to provide superior quality services. In less than three decades it has become the largest group of independent assistance companies, now reaching over 118 million consumers.
IAG's motto is "Local partners, global solutions", fulfilled to the letter by presenting assistance solutions where they are needed.  
IAG Partners have already managed around two million roadside assistance processes, around 500,000 traveling claims and around 650,000 medical support processes, due to an operational network that has as its strong point the quality and experience of local partners, carefully selected for their superior quality and excellence, and also for their extensive experience in assistance services in their home markets.
RNA is the national and exclusive partner of IAG, a status granted due to the high-quality levels and ethical standards required by this international alliance, which has as its priority the client’s total satisfaction, regardless of its location or circumstance in which support is required.
RNA's identity is reflected throughout the entire line in the business objectives and ethical principles required by IAG: placing the client first, treating the processes of IAG Partners with the same urgency, dedication and respect as if they were RNA's direct clients.
Through IAG, RNA has a worldwide scope, with the assurance that all its customers are safeguarded by a reliable international network, available 24/7, in a global and effective synergy, from a local management of quality recognized by its peers. RNA also benefits from the know-how and sharing of experience of its partners, the evaluation of results and procedures, which raise the quality of the services provided by all members of the network, with financially viable solutions.
By choosing RNA to assist your customers, you gain access to one of Europe's largest roadside assistance organisations. Available services include roadside telephone support, towing services - national and international - and coverage in case of mechanical breakdown or accident. Travel assistance is not limited to the car: the IAG has local partners in the biggest tourist hotspots to give all the support in case of illness, accident, theft or other unforeseen events that may occur.
The IAG also provides services to support professional travelling or relocation abroad, prepared by information specialists who continuously monitor global events and local incidents, in liaison with local partners, who share their knowledge for better risk assessment and management.
It is more than being connected to a network: it is having access to a whole universe of knowledge and resources, with local agents who know the customs, laws, regulations, language and culture where they are inserted, in a comprehensive and geographically wide offer. However remote and exotic the situation may be, RNA, through IAG, always has a solution!
Our motto is: "Whatever happens, we will be there!
Be with us too, find out about all the advantages of being part of a global network as an RNA partner.

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