Roadside Assistance

Nobody likes to be towed, but sometimes it's necessary. In case of accident, breakdown, indisposition, lack of fuel or any other unforeseen event, your drivers will always be safe by an experienced, resourceful and fast to get to the site. Wherever you are, RNA will be there.
Whatever the situation, even in places with limited access and no internet, RNA will help you. We are ready to assist those who need our assistance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
We have an experienced, energetic and dynamic team that knows how to identify the best solutions to the most specific problems. Our RNA operators are young, motivated and capable, fluent in English, Portuguese, French and Spanish so that nothing gets lost in communication and have the daily challenge of putting into action the support of our network of service providers. Whatever the unexpected, they overcome the most difficult situations every day, helping who is in the field from our call centre. 
The process is simple: when the request for assistance is initiated, RNA operators gather all the necessary information to start the support process, from the applicant's contacts and their location, to the type of contract they have with our partner and, of course, the reasons for the request for assistance, to provide them with a tailor-made solution.
Once the data has been confirmed, the supplier that will best and most quickly respond to the needs of the situation will be activated. The situation will be monitored until the request for assistance is given as completed. 
Innovation in service processes is one of our top priorities: communication with suppliers is also done digitally via a web platform. For greater security and speed, we also use geolocation reference, bringing help exactly where it is needed, as quickly as possible.
RNA has a universe of providers distributed throughout the Iberian Peninsula and autonomous regions, but we have come even further. RNA is Core Partner of IAG - International Assistance Group, an international consortium of assistance networks with global coverage that provides support to more than 2 million drivers per year, both in remote and on-site assistance with towing and transport services, international vehicle repatriation and car repair, among others. Where an IAG partner is present, RNA is also present.
Our commitment is to quality and excellence, always at the service of our customers and partners, so that each case is effectively resolved. Because your success is also ours.
Contact us to become an RNA partner and share the journey. Whatever happens, we will be there.

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