RNA Client Feedback Management

Remember the last time you were given feedback? What did you do with the information you were given?
RNA believes that managing customer feedback is an opportunity to establish a direct relationship with whom we serve and turn their experiences - negative and positive - into opportunities.
A client who contacts us because of our work is a valuable asset because it has a proactive attitude: one in which it shows that the goal is to solve problems, or even praise, a way for us to measure our service. Each customer reaction is a real indicator of the quality of the product or service offered, identifying issues that we sometimes didn't even know existed.
More than managing customer expectations, in each opinion there is a clue to discover new ways to move forward, to improve services, to promote a relationship of trust, to listen and learn. To provide security to those who resort to us. 
A responsible company is a company that knows how to listen, that is prepared to take decisive actions and improve the satisfaction of its customers. We are not defined by our mistakes, but how we react to feedback.
Like kintsugi, the Japanese art of picking up shards and pasting them with gold, dealing with customers is about uniting what has broken, strengthening what is good, making it even more valuable, this is the principle of relationships.
Our customer feedback management system is based on the same value system that guides RNA as a company: transparency, innovation, humility and respect for the customer.
Everything starts long before there is a contact: our services are constantly improving their service provision, optimising resources and performance to ensure the satisfaction of all customers. 
Every suggestion or request they make motivates us to find new solutions. All requests for clarification receive fair, diligent and transparent treatment by a specialized and attentive team, focused on the client's needs, for a quick and correct resolution of any situation, and accompanying it in the various stages of the process.
More than just listening, we need to provide a strong reaction to ensure that we are here and dealing with the solution. RNA will respond to any request within 20 days of receipt. If the situation is very complex and requires further attention and time to review, we are committed to keeping you up to date with all steps taken until resolution.
Assuring the client's satisfaction, we move on to our own assessment, with periodic analyses of the contacts received, to ensure that the principles of the company's operational activity are being respected, that the causes are identified, and the solutions found and implemented.
Do not forget: every contact is a golden opportunity.
We are attentive.

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